Since 2005, we have served low-income immigrant and refugee families. .

Since the Gilbert Albert Community Center (GACC) was established in 2005, our mission has been to educate immigrant populations in the Greater Boston area with the knowledge that education will promote a healthy, vibrant, and flourishing community . The Gilbert Albert Community Center is aware of the sociolinguistic barriers that affect local immigrant populations and threaten to damage individual and communal relationships, as well as cross-cultural development, and seeks to overcome these barriers through ESL courses, access to social services, and programming that promotes healthy lifestyles.  The Gilbert Albert Community Center supports local immigrant communities by providing services that will increase cultural awareness and facilitate acculturation and integration.

Leaders Within Community

Our Executive Director, Nicole Albert, is a Haitian immigrant who is deeply invested and connected within the local communities. Our Board of Directors is composed almost entirely of people from the local community who are immigrant themselves. GACC is led by people from the same communities we serve.

Committed Staff & Volunteers

Our staff and volunteers are all educators, administrators, activists and movers-and-shakers who are dedicated to creating meaningful opportunities for clients to improve their lives.

Diverse Clientele

Our clients range in age from 5 to 85, and are immigrants from Haiti, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Latin America and West Africa. We primarily serve the communities of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan, though anyone living in the Greater Boston area is welcome at our Center.


We have been honored to work with some of the most effective leaders in immigrant rights and adult education in Massachusetts, including English for New Bostonians, Mayor’s Office for Art and Culture, First Literacy, Boston Public Health Commission, MassHumanities, Tech Goes Home, and more.

Recognized Programming

GACC has been recognized by several of our funders and community partners for providing high-quality English and literacy classes, health literacy education, and arts and culture programming to underserved populations. We have been recognized by the Mayor’s Office and Boston Public Health Commission for being able to consistently deliver high-quality programming to local immigrant communities.

High Impact

We have strong networks and close ties with our clientele, which allows us to provide targeted programming that effectively meets their needs. Every year, we serve over 75 adults and their families through our programming, and that number continues to rise.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been able to provide produce and hot meals to over 100 families, ensuring that all of us stay safe and fed.

Board of Directors .

Ms Nicole Albert

Executive Director

Mr Richard Albert

Director of Strategy and Operations

Ms Nadege Joly

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mr John Muller

Director of Finance

Carlyle Shackleton

Director of Marketing

Miss Sara Cadarette

Director of Operation

Isabelle A. Joly

Volunteer/Assistant to the Director of DEI

Patricia Knight

Teachers .

Tom Mcdonald

Teacher Beginner 1

Debra Fox

Teacher Beginner 2

Ashley Valentini

Director of Education

GACC where lifelong learning is celebrated