Our History:

In 2005, Nicole Albert Founder of Gilbert Albert Foundation, met with an Haitian woman on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. She was asking for help in order to cash her check. Nicole told her that I will take you to the bank in order to cash it , On the the way to the Bank, she told her that, she doesn’t know how to read and write, Nicole told her that’s fine, the Cashier will used a stamp liquid to one of your finger to stamp the check in order to cash it for you. She then said to Nicole, that she will be very shine to do that in front of the people. Following the conversation, Mrs. Nicole took her home, then spent a few months teaching her how to write and read in Haitian Creole and began introducing her English learning inside of her kitchen home. The woman was so grateful for what she received from her, she brought her friends to get help reading and writing basic tasks-signing their names on a check, reading mail letters, and paying bills. After all Nicole realized that there is a need for a greater cause in the community of Dorchester and surrounding areas in order to integrate immigrants into American society by creating a refugee resettlement program space dedicated to providing quality lessons in English. This is how Gilbert Albert foundation has started. Today we are envision a new Gilbert Albert Foundation by creating more services to help more people like: At Risk Youth Program, Domestic Violence, Drugs and alcohol Abuse to save lives of children and families in our community.